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Unicorn Lady Pocket Notebook

unicorn lady notebook
unicorn lady notebook

Unicorn Lady Pocket Notebook


I created this series of monster women that eat men's hearts because it was Valentines Day and I thought it was an appropriate, empowering subject.

This one is based off of a swiss prostitute from the early 1920s. She poses gracefully by the dry flowers on table. Her horn having just penetrated the chest of some unlucky man, she looks over, beautifully and confidently, as the blood drips from the fresh heart.

The pocket notebooks are great for all kinds of things. They come with blank pages so you can draw a quick sketch while walking around the park, taking the subway, or sitting at a stop light. Also you can do some serious writing in these babies. Just because there are no lines doesn't mean you can't write down some thoughts.

Measures: 3.5 x 6"
186 blank pages

Made in LA with eco friendly paper and inks!

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